You can’t do life alone

It’s true that you can’t do life alone. You need people to talk to and go through the good and bad times with. That’s why we’re huge fans of small groups. If you’re looking for a safe place to talk about your life, grow in your understanding of Jesus, and make some life long friends, join a KRUE Group!

  • What do KRUE groups do?

    KRUE Groups are made to bring people closer to each other and to Jesus. Once a week your group will meet to hangout and dig into what it means to follow Jesus and be more like him. Grab coffee, see a movie or support each other at sporting events, KRUE Groups basically do life together!

  • When & where do KRUE Groups meet?

    Once a week on Wednesday nights here at Grace Community Church!

  • Who will be in my krue group?

    KRUE Groups are broken down by gender and grade, so you’ll have people your age in your group. Your always welcome to invite your friends! Each KRUE Group has 2-3 awesome adult leaders who love hanging out with students and make every KRUE Group a blast!

  • How do I get into a krue group?

    You’ll see a sign up form below. Once you put in all your info, we’ll contact you and introduce you to your KRUE Group leader.

KRUE Group Sign Up

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