KRUE is a place for students – all students from 7th to 12th grade, to meet new people, hang out with friends, play games, have fun and hear a life changing message. You don’t even have to be sure what you believe. Take a chance. You’ll be glad you did.

EVERYONE is welcome to KRUE Groups and KRUE Nights! We have trained leaders who love 7th to 12th graders and can meet them “on their level”. You DO NOT have to register to attend KRUE Night or KRUE Groups! And, feel free to bring a friend with you!!!!



The second Wednesday of each month! On this night we will be serving a snack or food, we will have live music and a message designed for High School and Middle School students! Doors open at 7pm and we kick you out at 9pm.

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ALL the other Wednesdays in the month! On these nights, we will have discussions to grow in our faith, build our relationships with Jesus, and live in authentic transparent community (i.e., make friends) with students of the same age and gender!

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June 12th – KRUE Night – Pause – It’s so easy to go into the summer months and hit “pause” on our faith. We are going to look at what happens when we hit pause on our relationship with Christ and how we can hit the play button so that we continue to grow.

July 7th – Kids To KRUE – Your family is invited to join us on Sunday, July 7th from 6pm-7:30pm as we share a meal together and celebrate your child’s transition from Kids ministry, to student ministry. Learn more about our KRUE groups, meet some KRUE leaders and celebrate what God is doing in your rising middle schoolers life. For more information click here.

Starting July 11th, all new 7th graders are invited to KRUE Night! They will join their small groups in September at the kick-off.

July 10th – KRUE Night – Identify Crisis – Discover how sometimes temptations in this world can cause an internal “Identity Crisis.”

August 14th – KRUE Night – Goals – We set all sorts of goals for ourselves in our academics, athletics, and performances, but what about our goals for growth and becoming more like Christ?

All the other Wednesdays – KRUE Groups – a time talk about the message with your peers and grow in authentic, transparent community.